Emily Hartley-Skudder



CURRENT: Additions + Alterations

My work indulges in the artificial ordinary and the faux domestic – think life-sized dolls houses, carpeted bathrooms and fake flowers; or a re-constructed memory of an interior that never existed. Decorative and ‘stock’ images are unashamedly drawn upon, suggestive of a kind of nostalgic commodification.

My process begins with collecting found objects and materials. The search for miniatures, toys and plastic receptacles has expanded into bathroom ceramics and snake-oil hygiene tools. I respond to these objects, assembling them as still lifes for photographs, paintings and readymade sculptures. My show-home installations explore the synthetic yet homely; the familiarly strange. 

I enjoy combining the peculiar with the banal, blurring what could be suspiciously pleasant or sexually suggestive. With their quaint objects and ‘delightful’ colours, my paintings become doubles: domestic scenes perfect for the domestic space, signaling the often unavoidable role of paintings as décor. Alongside inescapable art historical references, I hope to mix ingredients of humour, feminism, taste and desire, perhaps offering a playful subversion of a historically male-dominated art world.

Source: Emily Hartley-Skudder, 2020


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