Isabella Loudon

City Gallery Wellington


CURRENT: Unravelled

Isabella creates intricate sculptures using twine and concrete, stretching the limits with what she can do with her body. She often starts with sketching out the idea and just begins making these structures, over and over again until she is happy with it. Isabella trains the exhibition space to work just like her own intimate studio, where she follows her instinct and works out a way to create rather than building the idea in her head. Isabella is interested in the constructs surrounding concrete, where depending on how it is manipulated it is could be fragile and delicate instead of strong and stable. In her work, the audience has to be aware of their bodies and how they navigate around the space. Isabella is also acutely aware of the tactile nature of her work – where the audience wants to touch and figure it out. She wants the audience to freely interpret her structures where looking at it unravels emotion. 


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