An invitation to the brief digital lyric gallery survey will be sent individually by email to the artists, curators and managers engaged in this research project. The expert survey starts with your consent to participate and has four short sections on inspiration, lyrical moments, GENZ creativity and dynamic insta-curation. Each section is preceded by a short introduction of our research focus. The expert survey gives you an opportunity to contribute your artistic expert ideas on the current and future design of agile gallery exhibitions.

An expert sample

For our research, we need the 3 different perspectives that create and mould the respective exhibitions from the 4 chosen contemporary art galleries (CAGs). The Dunedin Public Art Gallery, Wellington’s City Gallery, the Centre of Contemporary Art (CoCA) and the Christchurch Art Gallery. Thus, the artists, curators/exhibition designers and marketers/managers from the various CAGs will make up 15 to 25 participants.

The starting point would be an interview with singular question targeted at each respective group. The interview would expand to several other questions (as explained below). After all the interviews conclude, a survey would be made available to the participants.

Artist: How does your art inspire Gen Z Creatives?

Curator: How does the exhibition design as a concept inspire Gen Z Creatives?

Museum: How does the museum inspire Gen Z Creatives?

The 3 perspectives of the process to inspiration

The Artist/The Curator/The Museum

This would expand to how each group’s process – before, during and after – the exhibition and its inspirational impact.

Anticipation: What did/do you expect to happen in terms of inspirational impact?

Synchronicity: What did happen in terms of inspirational impact and creative experiments at the exhibition?

Refraction: What is memorable and actionable in terms of inspirational impact?

How does the exhibition inspire creativity for Gen Z in ephemeral experiments?

Inspirational impact comes in two forms – by head and by hand – where a more detailed explanation about anticipation, synchronicity and refraction are provided.

Anticipatory Inspiration
Synchronic Inspiration
Refracted Inspiration
Creative Mentality
the exploration of expectations in the pre-tasting of the experiment designthe intermental transaction in the moment of unspoken thoughts and impressions the re-imagination of what it was like to be there in terms of experimental provocation
Creative Doing
actioned experiments with the intent of the art, muse and the artactioned experiments in the physical domain of the exhibitionactioned incorporations of the experiments in the owned imaginative process

The ethical consent form is shown below and will be provided in the expert survey. To participate in the project, the ethical approval form needs to be signed.