The research question

How do contemporary art galleries and artists design agile exhibitions to lyrically inspire Generation Z creatives?

What is Lyricism?
What does it mean to inspire?

Inspirare – to breathe – an unconscious burst of creativity towards an artistic endeavour. The muse provokes an experimental rapture in the moment.

Who are Generation Z Creatives?

Gen Z Creatives as Art Experts

These people are 15 to 24 year old practicing/aspiring artists who have an intricate familiarity of the expressive practice. This knowledge provides a frame of reference to understand temporary and transient art and its mediation.

Their cultural tribe habits 2020

Spiritual selfishness: experimenting with self-centred beliefs accentuating free will and hedonism

Digital minimalism: craving for underwhelming sophisticated mediation and stripped-down aesthetics

Semi-presence: seeking refuge from the everyday state and rhythm of half-tuned-in fragmentation

Rethinking humanity: grounding the fundamental nature of personhood and creative identity

Instant counter-culture: creating micro-moments of empathy, outrage and belonging in ephemeral mobility

Their head and the mind space

Inspiration: acceleration of instantaneity

Authenticity: being yourself and living in the moment

Inclusivity: finding it easy to embrace ideas and inspiration from others

Modification: expecting artistic invitations for affective adaptation

Remediation: facilitation of expressive affordances

Their craft habits and expectations

Hyper-fluidity: an intuitive relationship with technology

Visual coding: unafraid to alter impressions

Assemblages: propensity to make collages and add sound layers

Beyond selfies: putting your own creative lens on material things

Mobile instantaneity: serendipitous creativity in the moment

What we are not researching in the project
  • Pre-structured storytelling
  • Planned user-centred participation
  • Post-structured messaging and education
  • Bullshit profundity
  • The museum as a selfie magnet
Reported qualities that inspire Gen Z Creatives may be
  • Dynamic and in the moment;
  • Slow and unique;
  • Novelty for self-initiated iterations;
  • Unprompted but inviting;
  • Multifarious serendipity for liberal interpretation
Previous research on gallery exhibitions indicates
  • Not experience spaces but experiment spaces
  • Not for learning but for unlearning
  • Must defy sacred elitism and enable lyrical profanity
  • Structured provocations around original idea behaviour
  • Creative breadcrumbing spaces for temporal inspiration